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Llewellin Setter Pups

Gun Dog Training

Licensed NH Guide Service

Blue Mountain Llewellins


Our sires will work extensively on wild birds and pen-raised birds before a breeding decision is made.  We want to further the breed with dogs that perform with excellence in the hunt field.   

We participate in hunt tests and cover dog trials with our dogs as a training tool and also to compare to other dogs as well.  This is fun for us and the dogs and helps us to make the breeding decisions that will make the Llewellin Setter breed continue its dominance in the hunting field.  

Additionally, our sires will submit to DNA testing, OFA and/or Penn-Hip hips testing, CAER eyes testing and EmbarkVet Genetics testing for more than 175 genetic conditions.  We want to make certain that we are making the best breeding decisions in order to produce healthy dogs that will make us proud in the hunt field as well.


Nash is our handsome tri-color male.  Nash has a phenomenal nose, great hunting drive and is gentle and sweet in the home.  Nash honors and retrieves naturally and holds steady to wing, shot and deadfall/release.  Nash's hunting style is a beautiful thing to see, we are always proud to have him by our side in the woods and fields.  

Nash has lineage back to Count Gladstone IV (HOF), Mohawk (HOF), Count Whitestone (HOF) and the famous Count Noble (HOF).




Jet is our beautiful, strong and smart boy.  Jet has been a natural since his first days here and runs the fields with style.  Jet holds a beautiful point and is steady to wing, shot and deadfall/release.  Jet has been a phenomenal addition to our Guide String, helping many clients to experience the excitement of a grouse hunt in the Great North Woods of NH.  Get ready for lots of action with our Jet. 

Jet has ancestry back to great Llewellin lines including Bondhu and Wind'Em.



Dakota is our sweet boy from the Highway Dan lines.  We were so excited to add Dakota to our family and he has proved to be an excellent choice.  Dakota is proving himself to be a natural and just beautiful to watch.  We are in love with Dakota.       

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