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Llewellin Setter Pups

Gun Dog Training

Licensed NH Guide Service

Blue Mountain Llewellins


Our senior guide dogs have years of experience hunting in fields and woods for grouse, woodcock, pheasant and quail.  They are our pride and joy.  All are in excellent health with phenomenal natural hunting ability.  




Willow is absolutely the most charming dog, and another reason why we wanted to begin breeding Llewellin Setters.  Once you have a Llewellin Setter, you understand why these blood lines should be preserved and continued while making educated decisions on breeding and Willow will show you that. 


Willow is a relentless hunter with a killer nose.  She loves to hunt and every season with her, we fall more in love with her.      


3RD Place Spring 2014 Amateur Gun Dog Competition NNHBDC

2 of 4 Qualifiying Scores for AKC Junior Hunter Title




Grace was our first Llewellin Setter and the love affair began.  Grace taught us so much, how easy the Llewellin Setter is to train and how natural their abilities are.   


Grace is a beauty and when you hunt with her she does not crowd the bird, and is an expert at pinning a running bird.  She never fails to amaze when she does this, and has made me, her handler, look very good when she does it.  She always gets many compliments when we take her hunting, training, or working on a hunting competition.      


Wins: 2ND Place Spring 2014 Amateur Gun Dog Competition NNHBDC

           AKC Junior Hunter  



Belle was our first English Setter and she still sets the standard for how we'd like our dogs to evolve in their hunting and training experience.  She has some very good Llewellin lines in her pedigree and she started our education about the Llewellin Setter breed.  Belle trains all the pups on how to behave in the house and we could not do it without her.    


Belle's nose is unbelievable and every time you think one of the younger ones might outshine her, she shows her years of experience at hunting.  She also hunts dead and retrieves like no one else.   

Wins: 3RD Place 2008 MDGO Chukar Challenge Doubles

           3RD Place Spring 2013 Amateur Gun Dog Competition NNHBDC

           3 of 4 Qualifying Scores for AKC Junior Hunter Title





Annie is our very stylish girl, she is a bold hunter, she honors naturally and is calm and loving in the home.   Annie has become very polished over her 4 seasons of hunting.  Annie has a killer nose and holds a beautiful point, steady to wing, shot and deadfall/release.  Annie has joined our Guide String and has shown many hunters what an exicting hunt looks like.  

Annie is descended from such great lines as Blizzard, Royacelle, Gladstone, Bondhu and Wind'Em. 

Wins: AKC Junior Hunter 


Dixie is our gorgeous girl, she has beautiful chestnut coloring on creamy white with a little bit of orange ticking on her nose and paws as well.  Dixie has a killer nose, hunts with beautiful on-fire style and honors naturally. Dixie has a beautiful point and holds steady to wing and shot.  We are really excited to have Dixie with us on our Guide String as she always finds the birds and does it in beautiful style. 


Dixie's lines include Blizzard and Gladstone.   




Starr has developed so well, we were very proud to add her to our Guide String with our 2016 hunting season.  Starr took command of the fields and woods of northern NH, she helped many clients to have an exciting hunt and we are very happy to have her as part of the Blue Mountain Guide String.  A little love-bug at night, Starr is on fire in the grouse woods.      

Starr's lines include Blizzard, Wind'Em and Count Gladstone Wind'Em D'Hurlain Pre and Bondhu.  


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