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Blue Mountain Llewellins


Our dams will work extensively on wild birds and pen-raised birds before a breeding decision is made.  We want to further the breed with dogs that perform with excellence in the hunt field.  

We participate in hunt tests and cover dog trials with our dogs as a training tool and also to compare to other dogs as well.  This is fun for us and the dogs and helps us to make the breeding decisions that will make the Llewellin Setter breed continue its dominance in the hunting field.  

Additionally, our dams will submit to DNA testing, OFA and/or Penn-Hip hips testing, CAER eyes testing and EmbarkVet Genetics Testing for more than 175 genetic conditions.  We want to make certain that we are making the best breeding decisions in order to produce healthy dogs that will make us proud in the hunt field as well.




Lady has developed into a stellar bird dog with beauty and style as well.   We had looked for a pup with the Highway Dan line and Lady has shown us early on that was a great decision.  Lady came with amazing scenting and bird-sense at only 8 weeks and we've watched progress with her training.     

Lady is a very special addition to our breeding program.  Get ready for some very special pups from our Lady.

Lady's lines include Bondhu, Bomber and Royacelle.  




Missy was whelped from a special breeding of our Starr to Houdini's D'Hurlain Pre.  We had been looking to go back in the Llewellin lines to the Llewellin Setters that originally came over to the U.S. from U.K.  We were blessed with Missy and we love what she is giving us.  Missy is showing that she is a natural with her scenting and pointing on her bird-work.  Missy also inherited Starr's sweet, gentle nature. 


Missy's lines include Bondhu, Wind'Em, Blizzard and Advie.     




Sugar is our sweet girl from our Starr and Dakota.  Sugar inherited her amazing scenting and hunting abilities from her long lines of great bird dogs.   Sugar will give us some very sweet and hard-hunting bird dog pups and we are looking forward to Sugar carrying on for her mom, Starr.  

Sugar's lines include Blizzard, Gladstone, Highway Dan and Wind'Em.     



Kiara is our sweet girl from a pairing of Starr x Nash.  We love Starr's and Nash's hunting drive and sweet personality, so we are happy to have Kiara to carry on those qualities.  Kiara has a strong drive and gorgeous style and is beautiful to watch.  Kiara inherited Starr and Nash's amazing scenting and hunting abilities and she is a joy to hunt behind with a beautiful point. 


Kiara's lines include Blizzard, Bondhu and Wind'Em.     

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