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Blue Mountain Llewellins


We honor the dogs who gave us their love, companionship, protection and so many beautiful memories in the field. 




April 22, 2006 - January 5, 2017


Belle was our pack leader and we loved her very much.  She was 10 1/2 years old and still looked like a young dog, very lean and not graying at all.  Belle was very
special, she was Jeff's first bird dog and they had a very special bond.  Belle was so smart and had an incredible nose and was a beautiful retriever.


Belle had an amazing ability to jump off all fours when she was excited about something, anytime you would say "Belle, Truck" she knew it was time to go somewhere with her Jeff.  Belle also went along happily with Adrienne on truck trips and leash walks as well.  It always made us happy to see Belle pogo jump high into the air because she was just happy that she was going somewhere with us or that we had returned home to her.


Belle took care of all the pups and along with occasionally dispensing a smack-down when a pup got too boisterous in the house, she would also defend those same pups against any other dog that she thought might hurt them.  It was always beautiful to watch as Belle was smart, confident, soft and so pretty and never afraid of anyone or any situation. 


Belle was our first English Setter and she set the standard for how we'd like our dogs to evolve in their hunting and training experience.  Belle's nose was unbelievable and every time you thought one of the younger ones might outshine her, she would show her years of experience at hunting.  She hunted dead and retrieved like no one else.   

We love you Belle, we miss you every day and will never forget how you made us so happy.  There will never be another one like our Belle. 



September 13, 2008 - January 10, 2023


Grace was our first llewellin setter, she helped us to fall in love with the llewellin setter breed.   This love for Grace prompted us to start breeding and training these dogs to make sure that others could fall in love with llewellins too. 

Grace had a very easy hunting style and it was just a joy to hunt behind her.
Grace taught me so much, she was my first bird dog and among the many lessons she taught me was the meaning of the core bird hunting advice "Always trust your birddog". 

Many times, a tightly pinned grouse was never missed by Grace.  
The grouse thought he could hide all tucked into some rocky area or under a downed log and we thought she might be pointing old scent when no bird was easily produced.   Every time, Grace showed us her amazing nose and bird sense and that she was right, there was a bird in there.

Grace had slowed down a little in her older age, but her nose was always 100% deadly.   Many guiding clients loved to hunt behind Grace and she and we were proud of their comments like "When Grace stops, the birds drop."  

Grace had an amazing nose and could scent a bird from way off.  
Seen pointing birds in a training field from 40 - 50 yards off, she amazed many.   Amazing Grace.  

When Belle passed, Grace tried to be the new pack leader and train up the young pups with a smackdown when needed.   But her smackdown was a little soft and the pup would always get right up and resume puppy play.

Grace had a few nicknames of love from us, Triple G, Gentle Gorgeous Grace, Amazing Grace to name a few.

Always gentle, always sweet, Grace, we love you and we will always remember you with love.  There will never be another one like our Grace. 

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