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Blue Mountain Llewellins



Blue Mountain Llewellins offers gun dog training using gentle and effective training methods.   Gun dog training seeks to have your bird dog become a hunting partner you are proud to have by your side in the field. 

Formal training is a way for you to bring out their natural abilities of hunting, honoring the point and retrieving.  Training is an excellent way to bond with your puppy or dog for a lifetime of love and companionship.  It is fun for hunters and non-hunters alike and helps to train the handler as well.

We use and recommend The HuntSmith Silent Command System of training for bird dogs.

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Gun Dog training is designed to help your dog to become a hunting partner you will be proud to have by your side in the hunt field.  We like to have a dog with high intensity, that is excited to go on a hunt with you while also behaving in a mannerly way.   A dog that hunts with you and for you. 


Gun dog training seeks to have your finished dog steady to wing, shot and deadfall.  Training methods are gentle and effective, where we encourage you, the dog's owner to be a strong participant in the training, a Train the Trainer approach.  


Gun dog training consists of a step-by-step progression of basic commands, whoa training, honoring the point, gentle progressive exposure to gunshots and steadying your dog up on wing, shot and deadfall.  We include exposure to pen-raised birds for controlled situation training and progress to exposure to wild birds (ruffed grouse and woodcock). 

Also available is problem issue solving with your dog.  Boarding can be included for long-term training or single session training is available. 

Contact Us to inquire about our training services. 

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