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Blue Mountain Llewellins


-- August 28, 2019 --

  Pups are Here !!

4 Girls and 3 Boys

Blue Mtn Heart O'Dixie x Blue Mtn Dakota Snows

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Dixie with her New Pups
Blue Mtn Heart O'Dixie

Pups are here, Dixie has given us 4 girls and 3 boys !!  


Both Dixie and Dakota are excellent bird dogs, Dixie is a veteran of our guide string and has proved herself many times over helping our guide clients to have an exciting hunt for ruffed grouse and woodcock. 

Dakota is an up-and-coming star in our guide string and is proving to be a great addition to the team.  With excellent scenting and beautiful, close-working style and a very sweet personality, we are proud to have Dakota by our side in the hunt field.  These pups will inherit both Dixie's and Dakota's excellent scenting abilities, hunting drive and gentle loving nature as well.  

Dixie and Dakota are in excellent health, with EmbarkVet genetics testing completed as well as OFA and Penn-Hip hips and CAER eyes.   

Contact Us for information on this or other planned litters from Blue Mountain Llewellins. 

Blue Mtn Dakota Snows
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