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Blue Mountain Llewellins


-- August 7, 2019 --

 Pups Arrived - 3 Boys and 3 Girls

Announcing a successful planned breeding of 

Blue Mtn Highway Ladybug to Blue Mtn Noble Nash

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Lady x Nash Pups Arrived 

Lady did a beautiful job and gave us 3 boys and 3 girls.  We are so excited for Lady's first litter, a beautiful pairing of Lady to Nash.        

Nash is a veteran of the guide string and always finds and retrieves the birds with beautiful style, helping our guiding clients to have a memorable time hunting grouse and woodcock here in the Great North Woods. 


Lady was added to our guide string at just 13 months old and has proved herself to be an tenacious and excellent hunter with a strong drive, excellent nose and natural retrieving.    

With excellent scenting and close-working style we are proud to pair Lady to Nash for Lady's first litter.   These pups will inherit both Lady's and Nash's hunting drive and gentle loving nature as well.  

Both Lady and Nash have done a beautiful job, helping our guiding clients to have some exciting and memorable hunts.  Lady and Nash are in excellent health, with EmbarkVet genetics testing completed as well as OFA hips and CAER eyes.   

Contact Us for information on this or other planned litters from Blue Mountain Llewellins. 

Blue Mtn Highway Ladybug
Blue Mtn Noble Nash
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